Self-control consists in observing your own/your partner’s skin changes once a month​

In the case of changes in difficult locations, such as the back/skin of the hairy head, another person – parent/partner/guardian is required​

Observation of changes consists in controlling possible changes in moles or capturing new skin changes​

In the case of patients with a large number of skin lesions, it is recommended to take a photo of the body part with a mobile phone and compare any changes to the initial image.

For self-monitoring of patients, the ABCD(E) algorithm is recommended, in which:​

  • corresponds to asymmetry, ​
  • to the edges of the skin lesion (even / uneven), ​
  • to the color (red / black / non-uniform color), ​
  • D to the size above 6mm, ​
  • to the evolution of changes in the nevus